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Vernon Collision Center employs more than just a collision mechanic in Manchester, CT. We also have a car mechanic here who can provide many other services when you need them. Thus, you can visit us even if you want to keep your car running well.
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Here’s why you should consider visiting us for your mechanical services as well:

NAPA Certified

Our mechanics are NAPA certified to ensure you receive the highest standard of care. These professionals have taken comprehensive automotive repair courses, passed specialized exams, and have gotten years of experience repairing vehicles to the specified standard. Trust is the essential element of an automotive repair and customer relationship, and we’re proud to say that you can have 100 percent trust in what we can do for you and your vehicle.

Full-Service Menu

We offer a full-service menu of automotive maintenance and collision repair services you can obtain from us. For example, you can bring your vehicle in for timely oil changes and filter replacements. Maybe you need a fluid top-up or swap. Basic maintenance helps to keep your car on the road, and our mechanics can be there for you and provide you with that to extend the life of your vehicle.

You can also visit us for diagnostic services if you experience an unexpected issue. Our industry experts can pinpoint the problem and present the most suitable solution. Then you can decide whether you want to go with the solution they propose to get your car back to perfect running order.

Additionally, you can rely on our seasoned and certified mechanics to perform the necessary repairs on your vehicle. They have knowledge and experience with all vehicular systems and can provide you with quality repair service.

Feel free to request information about custom automotive work and auto paint repair as well. We may have a mechanic on staff who can give you the services you seek. For example, you may need something installed in your vehicle. Please don’t assume we don’t provide the service because you don’t see it on the menu. Contact us and ask because you might find out we can assist. Our technicians and mechanics have varied specialties and abilities and are eager to assist you with your project.

Front Desk

Happy to Assist

We are happy to assist you with any project, whether it’s large or small. Our goal is to help ensure your car runs well for many years and you can use it for traveling, work, and recreational purposes. Customer service is a high priority here, so we strive to make you happy at all times.

You can relax and put your trust in our abilities and customer service efforts. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a consult with price quotes for your vehicle. You can reach us at 860-643-2727 to speak to one of our specialists about the services we can provide for your unique situation.